Sohostyle lovely Pink Gradient Flat iron


$179 USD


Thank you for purchasing the Sohostyle Professional Titanium Floating Plate Iron. This tool is designed for all looks and occasions because of its top-of-the-line tourmaline titanium-rounded and spring-loaded plates. From sleek and sexy locks to big and bouncy curls in minutes! It is evenly and quickly heats up giving you straight and shiny tresses after every glide while still holding in moisture for healthy hair. Its digital temperature control feature allows you to customize your heat settings that can cater to the needs of your tresses. We sincerely hope you enjoy this comfortable hairstyling experience!


1. Push the plug into the socket, the display will read “OFF”.

2. Keep the “ON/OFF” button pressed for two seconds, the display will turn on showing: “300F”.

3. After five seconds of having turned on the device and without touching any other buttons the display will turn on a padlock symbol on the lower-left corner. In this state, the temperature value cannot be changed. The is called the “AUTO LOCK” function.

4. When locked, pushing the “+” or “-“ buttons will not adjust the temperature value.

5. Double click “ON/OFF” and the padlock icon will disappear. Immediately after that the device will be unlocked and the temperature will be able to be changed.

6. Again after five seconds without pressing any button the device will automatically lock showing the padlock symbol.

7. Press the “ON/OFF” button for two seconds to turn off the device. The display will show “OFF”.

8. The device will be automatically shut off after one hour of inactivity. The display will read “OFF”.



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