Glamwipe 34" long & sleek for perfect Braidable Extra Long Ponytail Extension

$69.99 USD
Color: S01: Classic Blonde

Glamwipe - 34" long & sleek for perfect braidable Extra Long Ponytail Extension Made of Premium quality vegan Futura fiber.

There are unbraided hairpieces that you can braid into any type you want, such as fishtail braid, rope braid, foam braid, 3-strand braid, and more.


1. Start by gathering your natural hair into a ponytail at the desired height on your head. Use a regular hair tie to secure it tightly.

2. Take the long braided ponytail extension and hold it by the hair tie or base.

3. Position the extension's hair tie above or around your natural ponytail, aligning it with the base of your natural ponytail.

4. Wrap the extension's hair around your natural ponytail, ensuring it covers the hair tie and blends seamlessly.

5. Once the extension is wrapped securely around your natural ponytail, use bobby pins or hairpins to secure any loose ends or ensure the extension stays in place.

6. Adjust the extension to make sure it sits comfortably and looks natural. You can gently tug on the braids to add volume or create a fuller look if desired.

7. Style the braided ponytail extension as desired, whether you want it to be sleek and straight or add some curls or waves.

CARE instructions

Brush out extensions using Soho Style’s metal bristle brush. Clean the extension with Soho Style’s shampoo and conditioner. Use warm or cold water by soaking and gently shaking extension. Do not wring or twist extension. Rinse with clean water. Pat with clean towel and air dry. Avoid sunlight until fully dried. Use foam curling roller to enhance curls or use temperatures up to 300°F for heat styling. After removing the heat device you must retain the curl shape until it cools down. Do not use any chemical treatment such as perm, blow-dry, or tint.

Length: 34”

Weight: 139g

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