St.Patrick's day green collection II

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1. Elongated Oval Hair Comb - Per Piece (AC2172)

2. Crescent Moon Hair Comb - Per Piece (AC2190)

3. Crystal Flower Mini Hair Comb - 5 piece set (AC2115) 

4. Frosted Sunflower Hair Jaw - Per Piece (AC5311)

5. Inca Styled Crystal Jaw - Per Piece (AC5386)

6. Mini Promenade Hair Jaw - Per Piece (AC5703)

7. Mini Butterfly Hair Jaw with Crystal Covered Wings - 5 piece set (AC5001)

8. Mini Spring Flower Hair Jaw - Sold as a pair (AC5445)

9. Almond Cluster Crystal Comb - Per Piece (AC2163)

10. Multi-Tone Almond Crystal Hair Stick - Per Piece (AC9309)

11. Mini Crystal Cluster Hair Stick - Per Piece (AC9001)

12. Promenade Ponytail Holder (AC9140)

13. Crystal Mushroom Hair Stick - Per Piece (AC9188)

14. Ombre Crystal Flower Hair Stick - Per Piece (AC9111)

15. Teal Highlight - 4pcs

16. Teal ombre Aura 15" 

17. Teal ombre Aura 19"

18. Aqua ombre Aura 15"

19. Aqua ombre Aura  19"


21. Soho Style Multi-Colored Bejeweled Barrette (AC70016)

22. Floral Gardena Crystal Barrette (AC7234)

23. Bow Magnet Barrette (AC7600)

24. Mini Flower Barrette (AC7601- Emerald)

25. Mini Flower Barrette (AC7601- Green)

26. Ombre Crystal Flower Barrette (AC7509)

27. Snowflake Crystal Magnetic Barrettes (AC7843- 6 piece set)

28. Crystal Daisy Magnetic Barrette (AC7928)

29. Mini Dancing with the Stars Barrette (AC7970)

30. Mini Heart Barrette (AC7631)

31. AC7976

32. Sparkling Butterfly Barrette (AC7952)

33. Ombre Crystal Flower Hair Jaw (AC5704)

34. Mini Crystal Cluster Hair Jaw (AC5706)

35. Speckled Gem Bobby Pin (AC6133)

36. Mini Flower Hair Clips (AC4130)

37. Crystal Sunflower Hair Jaw (AC5354)

38. Elongated Crystal Teardrop Hair Clip (AC4147)

39. Black Wire Crystal Daisy Headband (AC8055)

40. Oval Hair Jaw (AC5464)

41. Flower Crystal Petal Ponytail holder (AC3101)

42. Velvet Coated Ponytail Cuff (AC3309)

43. Star Lily Hair Stick (AC9254)


45. Crystal Cluster Mini Hair Comb (AC2002-Olive)

46. Crystal Cluster Mini Hair Comb (AC2002-Emerald)

47. Crystal Cluster Mini Hair Comb (AC2002-Dark Green)

48. Crystal Cluster Mini Hair Comb (AC2002-Mint)

49. Crystal Cluster Mini Hair Comb (AC2002-Green)

Go Green Get Lucky

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