Allison 16" 2PCS Clip-In Futura Hair Extension

SKU: S-01

$180 USD
Color: S01: Light Blonde

Only 7 pieces in stock!

Meet Allison - our 16" clip-in hair extensions made of high-quality, synthetic Futura fiber. This piece is great for longer, thicker hair. 


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Q1: What is Futura Hair?

A: Futura Hair Fiber is a premium grade Synthetic Hair Fiber that gives it the look and feel that is almost identical to real human hair. It is also 



  • You can curl & straighten Futura Fiber- heat resistant up to 350º-450º
  • Hair fiber is strong, tangle-free, and maintains a natural sheen.
  • Unlike other synthetic hair, it is not made with harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp.
  • Sold with 2 pieces
  • Available in 22 colors for a perfect match
  • This product is heat resistant to 460 Degrees Fahrenheit or 180 Degrees Celsius
  • Length: 20"
  • Width: (Shorter piece) 5.5" (Longer piece) 7"
  • Weight: 80g

Care Instructions: Wash gently by hand in warm water using spray-on shampoo and conditioner. Brush with wire hairbrush.

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