Seven Sisters Extensions

Seven Sisters Extensions

Introducing our latest SohoStyle extension line. The Seven Sister's Extension is 100% Human hair, Remy extension design. There are eight seamless clip-on wefts that are designed to be fully customizable for every hair. 






Always glamorous.      





Always beautiful.      

 Or for a night      
on the town with      
the girls...      

     For voluminous,
     holiday party-ready locks...

Shine all day long...

Sparkle in the night...

be the life of the party...

...with SohoStyle

Learn the Roots: BEHIND THE NAME

Our newest extension design is inspired by the tale of 7 beautiful sisters from the Victorian era: the Sutherland Sisters! During a time of frequent disease breakouts and poor medicine, many people suffered from hair loss. Therefore, having long hair was desired and the symbol of ultimate femininity and beauty. With the help of their mother's special hair growth elixir, the Sutherland sisters were just that. With a collective total of 37 feet in hair, they quickly elevated to fame and fortune with their mesmerizing floor length hair. Although they initially performed as a musical group, it was their hair alone that captivated their audiences and brought them to world fame. These sisters became a trademark for beautiful hair and they began to sell their mother's hair growth elixir and new hair products that became a huge hit! Women all around the world came to purchase their products as they all wanted to achieve the glimmering full length body of hair and volume that these girls were able to possess.
The success and sisterhood of these sisters is what SohoStyle strives to reflect in our products as well.
The Seven Sisters Extensions is a customizable hair set that is designed to enhance the youthful beauty of every woman.