Luxury Hair Extensions & Hair Accessories in DTLA

Founded in 1998, Soho Style offers distinctive, premium quality hair jewelry and hair extensions. The brand started from a single cart operation in Ontario, California and has grown to a multi-million corporation, operating in over 70 locations nationwide and internationally. Soho Fashion, Inc. holds patents for some of its merchandises and continuously strives to innovate new products and designs. We aim to be the best in the industry and look forward to expanding our presence in the U.S. and abroad.

Our Corporate Mission is to enhance the beauty and style of our customers through innovation and positive change.


It started with a butterfly clip…

In 1998, John and Sue Lee were young and in love and looking forward to bright future ahead of them. As they were getting ready to pursue graduate studies in LA, an economic downturn caused Sue to lose her school funding. Driven to find new avenues of income for tuition money, Sue decided to get creative.

Thus was born SOHO Style.

Sue had noticed that there was a lack of jeweled hair accessories in the US. These trendy, well-made pieces had been growing in popularity in Asia, and Sue saw an opportunity here for a new business.

John and Sue decided to take a chance. They borrowed money from friends to purchase a couple of hundred wholesale pieces from Korea and asked a friend to bring it to them on a trip to the states. They rented a small cart on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, thinking of the growing foot traffic of the location at the time.

As luck would have it, one of the items purchased was a jeweled butterfly clip that resembled the butterfly comb worn by Rose, the main character in the blockbuster movie Titanic, which also happened to setting new records (and trends) at that time.

Led by the popularity of the butterfly clip, their items sold quickly and led to the opening of a second kiosk in Ontario Mills. After selling out in both locations, the Lees made enough money to fly to Korea and source their own pieces.

SOHO Style started manufacturing its own high quality pieces and in 2001, they moved back to Los Angeles setting up their corporate headquarters.

Since its inception, SOHO Style has grown into a multi-million dollar business operating in over 70 locations nationwide and internationally. The company holds patents on some of their offerings and continues to innovate in the niche field of handcrafted hair accessories, as well as luxury hair extensions. SOHO Style has pioneered new retail and education techniques in the business of mall kiosks and is helping enterprising people everywhere pursue their dreams.