Allison 16" Clip-In Futura Hair Extension

$195 USD

Meet Allison - our 16" clip-in hair extensions made of high-quality, synthetic Futura fiber. This piece is great for longer, thicker hair. This is our newest FULL set which has more fibers than our LIGHT set giving you additional Fullness and length!

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Q1: What is Futura Hair?

A: Futura Hair Fiber is a premium grade Synthetic Hair Fiber that gives it the look and feel that is almost identical to real human hair. It is also 



  • You can curl & straighten Futura Fiber- heat resistant up to 350º-450º
  • Hair fiber is strong, tangle-free, and maintains a natural sheen.
  • Unlike other synthetic hair, it is not made with harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp.
  • Sold with 4 pieces
    • Two pieces (narrow weft - 5.5 inches) 
    • Two pieces (wider weft - 7 inches) 
    • Length: 16" - Weight: 80g
  • Available in 22 colors for a perfect match

Care Instructions: Wash gently by hand in warm water using spray on shampoo and conditioner. Brush with wire hair brush.

Light Version Extensions available as well:

Allison Light- 16'' Clip-in Futura Hair Extension

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