How -to-Wear: Tiffany Up-do Extension-Bridal Edition

It's no secret that the up-do hairstyle is one of the most desired hairstyles for a bride-to-be's wedding day. The up-do hairstyle after-all  is the classic epitome of the refined, elegant woman. 
A common problem that hairstylist alike often face, is creating said glamorous look on clients that have thinner and shorter hairstyles. For reasons such as these and more, the CEO here at Soho Style committed her time and research to design and patent the first ever up-do extensions piece! This is how our Tiffany Up-Do Extensions, has quickly become our most sought after hair extensions today and our #1 Best-Seller!
What is the Tiffany-Up Do Extension?

The Tiffany is an innovative, 2 piece comb extension set, that comes in 24 unique colors. 
The finesse of the piece is in its quick bendable wire design that allows the individual to personally style the bend the piece into any up-do style they desire!   
(below) 1 Tiffany comb piece
(below) 2 Tiffany comb pieces (Tiffany comes in 2 pieces)
How do you style in the combs?
It's as simple as 3 steps to wear! 
Step 1: Gather your hair and wrap it into a simple up-do bun.
Step 2: Insert one comb piece down from the top of your hair bun and the second comb piece up from the bottom of your hair bun. 
(the combs will intersect through the middle of your bun to create an even stronger hold in your hair)
Step 3: Bend and style the wires of the extension into any up-do hairstyle you like!
For the visual learners, watch our Tiffany Bridal Tutorial:
Some Tiffany hairstyles:

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